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    IRJ Recovery programme

    Project Details

    Railtech Innovations were commissioned by our client, Keltbray, to assist with an IRJ recovery project in the spring/summer of 2020. The project was to run over four possession weekends and consist of the removal of redundant. IBJ’s, to be replaced with plain rails. As part of the works, Railtech Innovations were also required to replace damaged sleepers and replace life expired small components such as rail pads, clips and insulators.

    Prior to the installation phase of the project, Railtech innovations engineers attended all proposed sites to complete surveys including, rail type and wear, welds, access, general track condition and component type. These surveys were used to create scope documents and assist with the project programme management process.

    The installation phase was completed over four weekends, with multiple sites being completed on any weekend, challenges faced by the team included planning logistics to ensure plant, equipment, materials, suppliers and staff were located correctly. All sites were delivered as per the agreed programme with no re-visits required. All newly installed rails were stressed as per Network Rail standard L2/NR/TRK/3011, ensuring the safety of the line, negating the requirement for temporary speed restrictions and allowing the train operator to provide the best possible service to customers.

    IRJ Recovery programme

    Keltbray Rail

    Network Rail

    £ 110k

    Lost Time Incidents
    zero accidents or incidents

    4 x Weekend possessions

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