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    Rail Profiling and Rail Condition Surveys

    Rail Profiling and Rail Condition Surveys

    This method of rail profile detection is extremely accurate and is proved to be an efficient tool in reducing maintenance costs. The standard MiniProf instrument can be used on many different types of Rail/Wheel, rail and can also be modified to work on special profiles if required.

    In the MiniProf software there are many possibilities for further studies and analysis of the wheel, rail and brake profiles.

    MiniProf wheel and rail profile measuring system: applications

    • Wheel and rail profiles condition monitoring
    • Optimisation of wheel maintenance
    • Quality control of new or re-profiled wheels
    • Checking rail profiles before and after grinding
    • Quality control of new rails


    Rail corrugation is one of the most serious and expensive problems experienced by transit systems. Rail corrugation is a frequently occurring rail wear pattern that arises mostly in curves, although that it’s also possible on tangent track.

    There is however long term regimes that we can offer to help prevent or slow down the damage caused in persistant areas.

    This includes taking quarterly readings which are overlaid upon each other. Using this method gives clear indication of when the corrugation is starting to appear/re-appear, even when it’s not visible by eye. When caught early minimal rail grinding is required, which massively prolongs the life of the rail and prevents unnecessary maintenance.


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