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    Track Engineering Support Staff

    Ability to provide short term/ long term support staff that specialise in railway Engineering.

    • Level 1-4 Handback Engineers. Fully certified and mentored in house. We understand that each principal contractor will have their own procedures in vetting staff so evidence of competence can be provided upon request.
    • Technical officers with the following site skills,
      • Tamping – TQS – Plasser & theurer / Matisa. We can also provide a geometry file writing service.
      • 2d, 3d dozing – Trimble – We can also provide a terrain model writing service.
      • Survey and setting out – toes, nose, design relatives.
      • Proving designs
      • Rail wear surveys
      • Level 1-3 stressing Engineers
      • Dilapidation surveys
      • As-built capabilities utilising the latest in technologies.
    • Project Engineers
    • Contractors Responsible Engineers (CRE), Construction only.

    All of our staff are well trained and experienced with proven track records. We are not a labour supply company which is why we can personally guarantee the quality of our personnel.

    We can also provide all equipment to carry out any of the above tasks upon request.


    0844 589 3519


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